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EE Tapes NEWS               February 2024

BRUME "The Rusty Seeds" EV16 | LP 100 copies | 2019-12-06  LP SOLD OUT

Project of the French composer Christian Renou

between musique concrete, sound collage and industrial noise.

All perfectly demonstrated on this new work, after a hiatus since 2017.

"The Rusty Seeds" consists of 2 lengthy mixed tracks that go back in time

through Brume's long-term career.

As always a fascinating audio trip never to be missed !!

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies on 180 gm vinyl.

Cover art by Jonathan Canady.

Only available directly from our mail order !!

The Crawling Chaos "The Big C" | LP | 100 handnumbered copies I EV17 |

Release date 2020-05-04 LP LAST COPIES

Reissue of the classic 1984 LP !!             

Former Factory (Benelux) band soon publishing on their own imprint Foetus Products.

"The Big C" is their 3rd album (the 2nd being a tape called "Homunculus Equinox")

Back in 1984, I saw this LP pass by in the indie record shop at my hometown where I was helping out.

Not only was I pleasantly surprised to see this weird bunch of English eccentrics still active, but this LP

really blew me right off my socks, my absolute favourite album of the year !!

There was a contact address on it, and I finally got in touch with a mysterious bloke called B.B. Poultice 

(or call him the Village Clown)....the rest is history....

Recommended for the more progressive music lover with an eclectic taste, love it or hate it !!

A co-production between Foetus Products and EE Tapes

Tags: Post Punk - Wave - Art Rock - Experimental

Watch on Youtube:

Maëror Tri "The Singles" | CD compilation I EE42 | re-issue I 2020-05-04 I CD LAST COPIES

Reissue of MAËROR TRI(...)'s full vinyl singles / EP's recorded from 1993-1996

(except for their first one, "Saltatrix" on Drone Records - DR01)

What can I say? They were my fave Drone/Industrial unit in the nineties and when this came out

15 years ago, it didn't last for too long until it was completely sold out....

So by popular demand, here's the reissue, no more no less !!

May the Force be with You !!

Photography (unknown location) by Jan Kees Helms

Mastering at Illlektrik Toolz by Herman Klapholz

Design by Jan Van den Broeke

Tags: Drone - Industrial - Experimental

Contact welcome for retail / wholesale orders (first come, first served).

JAN VAN DEN BROEKE "Lost And Latest" | LP | 250 copies I EV18 |

Release date 2020-10-16  LP SOLD OUT

A new beguiling retrospective !!

After the celebrated LP-releases on STROOM (Jan Van den Broeke '11000 Dreams' / 2017) and MINIMAL WAVE (The Misz 'The Lonely Crowd' / 2019) EE Tapes proudly presents a new beguiling retrospective of Belgian art-house and ambient music artist Jan Van den Broeke.

‘Lost And Latest’ is - again - a cherry-picked set of the many projects of Jan, including ABSENT MUSIC, THE MISZ, JUNE11, and even his recent occasional project CANTO DE MUDO.

The 36 years spanning album (1984-2020) reveals 12 tracks - 6 of them were never released before, and 2 others can only be found on an obscure 1984 tape - blurring the boundaries between lo-fi minimal, desolate synth-pop, evocative and tender Spanish, French, and… Black Poetry and wide cinematic landscapes.

All tracks were (re)mixed and (re)mastered in 2019-2020 by Jan himself.

The album closes with 3 brand new songs, composed over the last 2 years.

‘Lost And Latest’ comes in a limited edition of 250 copies on 180 gm vinyl, including printed inner sleeve with liner notes. First 25 orders will include a free copy of the ‘Matter Is Alive’ CD, released on EE Tapes in 2008 (last copies).

The album is available directly from EE Tapes

Official release date: 16 October 2020.

First come, first served !!

A collaboration between 3 gents residing in the same (home) town of Sint-Niklaas (Saint-Nix), representing 3 different generations!

An exceptional occasion to go for it, God is good!

From old to young:

EE TAPES - curator / editor

HYPNOSKULL - a veteran that needs no introduction after nearly 30 years of media terror!

MACHINERY DIRECTIVE - a brand new noise project by our youngest comrade who prefers to remain anonymous! so be it, but we know who UR!

May the noise be with you!

This release comes packaged very oldschoolish and is quite limited!

Moreover, please welcome the first cassette on EE Tapes since 22 years!

Available for sale as:

- cassette => pro-copied C54 with on-body print (100 copies) EE43CS

- CD => fabric-pressed CD (100 copies) EE43

- DL

Genre: electronic

Styles: anti/techno / EBM / industrial / noise / power electronics / reviving subversive techno / rhythmic noise 

Discogs CD

Discogs Cassette


MACHINERY DIRECTIVE "Lobotomy Springs" / HYPNOSKULL "Vier Geschichten"

- Limited split-release I EE Tapes | cassette EE43CS | CD EE43

Brainchild of Orphan S.C. Wallace from our hometown Sin City.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, his debut LP from 2021 - A Significant Change - has still been delayed at the pressing plant....maybe this year?

Instead, we present his different face first: ambient / drone constructions created spontaneously as homage to EE Tapes' 35 years of electronic obscurities!

All sound and vision by Orphan S.C. Wallace. His floating drones are like a film between the ears.

3-2-1....relax now and let the earplays take off!

CD in standard jewel case limited to 100.

First 35 cps come in a coloured box (yellow, blue, green or red).

Retail / wholesale info welcome!

Available as physical CD + DL

Tags: abstract, ambient, drone, field recording

Watch on Youtube:


THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE "Continuities Vol. I" CD I EE Tapes | EE44 | 2022


Remix of the legendary 1988 cassette release by DE FABRIEK & P.FUNK.

Please notice this is a REMIX of a C-90 cassette, not a re-issue!

Another special release in the 35th year of our existence at EE Tapes, after an homage by THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE (blessed are you!). Only God knows what will be next....

DE FABRIEK and our label have had an excellent connection for many years.

We did some releases before on cassette, CDr and CD, and now the big chief of DE FABRIEK was so nice as to give us the exclusive rights for a BEL(gian) version of his newest baby

(De Fabriek FABPROD27 / CD 100 cps / NL).

Needless to say we still adore DE FABRIEK after all these years! First come, first served.

Limited to 75 cps with different cover and CD-print

Tags: abstract, ambient, experimental, freestyle

Watch on Youtube:

Mr. Moto Meets De Fabriek 'Rovelatous Dans Le Fabrique' | CD | EE46 | CD LAST COPIES

CD reissue of a limited tape from 1996 on EE Tapes!

A co-work between Matthias Lang (Irre Tapes, Germany) and DE FABRIEK (Holland)

3rd and last special release for the 35th anniversary of EE Tapes!

'Quite an interesting and lively collaboration on this tape released by the Belgian Tape label EE Tapes back in 1996. Here Mr. Moto [Matthias Lang] from Germany and De Fabriek from Holland meet on a neutral ground to work on a unified project of experimental electronic sounds.

They are delivering to us weird yet beautiful electro-experimentations!

8 tracks (4 each side) crafted with minimal sequencing and yet sometimes rhythmic and slow moving forward implosions of melodies/noises.'

(from 1000flights blog)

Limited to 100 cps 

A5 sized card cover inside a transparent ziplock bag

Tags: abstract, ambient, experimental

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:

THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE 'A Significant Change' | LP 200 cps | EE Tapes | EV19 | NEW!

THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE is the solo project of Orphan S.C. Wallace, residing in Sint-Niklaas (Hellgium). On his long-awaited debut LP, he delivers fresh and playful soundscapes, often

with a spastic beat, but mostly with a serious twist, undoubtedly!


Put this record on, loud as it will play and enter the challenging playground of

THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE, strongly recommended for your mental moves!


'All music is equally abstract, but some music is more equally abstract than other' - Orwell S.C. Wallace


Abstract, Experimental, Field Recordings

Available as limited LP on 180 gm black vinyl with insert and/or DL

Watch on Youtube:



Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:

JAN VAN DEN BROEKE 'Time And Desire' | LP 350 cps | EE Tapes | EV20 | LP SOLD OUT

After 2 illustrious retrospective LP-releases ('11000 Dreams' on STROOM in 2017 and ‘Lost and Latest’ on EE Tapes in 2020), Jan Van den Broeke – arthouse, ambient, and lo-fi minimal craftsman – is here to please us once more, with a prominent new release.


Be prepared folks for an overwhelming journey on a sea of melancholy.

‘TIME AND DESIRE’ is a refined and mature album containing Jan’s exquisite selection of 10  unpublished songs (recorded between 2006 and 2021) about memory, the journey through life, the passage of time, the constant craving, the burning desire and… some miracle moments.


Presented here are 9 tracks by JUNE11 and 1 by CANTO DE MUDO, in which – as we know Jan and his loyal friends - electronics, acoustics, samples and voices (including those of Drita Kotaji and Helena Legaz Torregrosa) meet and dissolve. Stephan Barbery excels as a special guest on guitar.


We get versatility and unity at the same time. We certainly hear echoes of ABSENT MUSIC and THE MISZ (Jan’s projects from the 1980’s), but we especially hear JAN VAN DEN BROEKE and friends summarizing life and music, while blurring time. The 1980’s, the 2020’s – who cares?


‘TIME AND DESIRE’ comes in a graceful jacket (showing pinhole photos by artist Lysiane Bourdon), in a limited edition of 350 hand numbered copies on 180 gm vinyl.

Watch on Youtube:

JUNE11 - The Flat Horizon - YouTube

JUNE11 - La Vie Est Un Rêve - YouTube

JUNE11 - No Worries/Libera Amor - YouTube

JUNE11 - The Breaking Wave - YouTube

CANTO DE MUDO - Eno-de Sela #2 (for Lhasa) - YouTube

Last copies available from JAN VAN DEN BROEKE Bandcamp page

Listen and DL on Bandcamp:

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:

THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE 'Seven Sacraments' | CD 100 cps | EE Tapes | EE48 | NEW!

THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE is an ever-changing sound art project.

Has Orphan S.C. Wallace now become religious??

Not likely, but you have to admit that 'The Seven Sacraments' is a damn fine topic to expand your mind!

This wonderful soundwork collects two lengthy compositions interpreting the Sacraments and being powered by real organ sounds.

A true easy/uneasy listening experience to reach your personal Eargasm! 

Hell yeah!

(Reverend EE)


Limited to 100 cps in a jewel-case or Bandcamp DL

Tags: abstract, ambient, field recording, experimental, mental muzick 

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp

BRUME 'La Violence du Néant' | CD 200 cps | EE Tapes | EE47 | 2023 05 01 | NEW!

Long existing project of famous French composer Christian Renou, operating between the boundaries of musique concrète, sound collage and industrial noise.


His latest full work dated from 2019 ('The Rusty Seeds' - LP 100 cps on EE Tapes).

Here is his brand-new opus, recorded and finished between 2020-2022. 


Looks like a sister release to 'The Rusty Seeds' (similar artwork and design), 

but nothing is what it seems... on each release Brume keeps reinventing himself 

time after time, as on this magnificent one-tracker (69 mins)!

Voice manipulations, percussive fireworks, unsettling atmospheres, eerie passages etc,

it's all there and more.

This could be Heaven or this could be Hell!

Artwork by Jonathan Canady

Design by Jan Van den Broeke


Tags: abstract, electroacoustic, experimental, field recording

Limited to 200 cps in digipack or Bandcamp DL

THE ORPHANAGE COMMITTEE 'Sol In Solus' | LP 200 cps | EE Tapes | EV22 | OUT NOW!

Second vinyl LP for label resident Orphan Wallace! 'Sol In Solus' is a concept album about nature and self-reflexion.  An overall organic suite in ten parts comprising multi genres and instruments conceived and performed by this talented local electronic artist! 

Guest appearance by Michiel De Malsche. Back to nature! 


Deuxième LP vinyle pour le résident du label Orphan Wallace! 'Sol In Solus' est un album concept sur la nature et l'autoréflexion.  Une suite organique globale en dix parties comprenant multi genres et instruments conçus et interprétés par ce talentueux artiste électronique local!

Apparition en tant qu'invité de Michiel De Malsche. Retour à la nature! 


'For the Sun is our Force of Habit,
Giver and Taker of Life,
For our Solus is the Merit,
The Way, the Truth, the Light.'


Tags: abstract, ambient, experimental, field recording, minimal, modern classical

Listen and order or download on Bandcamp:


HET ZWEET '2XLIVE88' | EE Tapes EE49 | CD 150 cps | 2023-10-16 I OUT NOW!

One-man project of Marien Van Oers from Breda (NL), active from 1983 to 1988. 

Driven tribal percussion music such as Z'EV, Muslimgauze or perhaps Test Dept.

Sadly Marien passed away on 8 january 2013.

Unreleased live recordings, probably his last ones before he lost his interest in music....

-       Live at Club Utopia in Elsloo (NL) 1988-04-01

  (support for Bourbonese Qualk)

-       Live on radio Militia / Vrije Radio Demervallei (B) 1988-04-06

Recorded and mastered for CD by Frank Gorissen (Militia) @ Subterra Studio Recordings

Artwork by Joachim Cappaert (joachimcappaert.art)

Graphic design by Jan Van den Broeke (janvandenbroeke.co)

Edition of 150 copies in A5-sized cardsleeve

Listen and order or download on EE Tapes Bandcamp